Dolphin & Whale Watching

Whales are regularly seen around the Kalpitiya Peninsula.

Interestingly it was only from February 2010 that Kalpitiya is finally considered as a destination to catch the sight of the majestic whale. Boat trips regularly take off Kalpitiya Peninsula to an off-shore site to catch the sights of Sperm whales, the largest toothed whale in the world that can be spotted off-shore off the reef. The Sperm Whale, in the hunt of Giant Squid, dives several hundred meters into the ocean. Kalpitiya Peninsula with its continental shelf provides an ideal habitat for the Sperm Whale. The season to view the Sperm Whale at Kalpitiya Peninsula is between December and mid-April.

Blue whale Resort offers its guests dedicated whale watching trips in Kalpitiya. But almost all of the sightings in the past have been chance encounters of people watching dolphins in-shore of the reef. Now like many other hotels in Kalpitiya, Blue Whale Resort offers a serious effort to go in search of whales beyond the reef which lies around 6 km out, roughly parallel to the peninsula. Tour may take up to 6 hours but while dolphins are easy to find an opportunity to see whales are not that much easy, but we can be sure that our boat riders are the most experienced in the zone and Kalpitiya is one of the best places in the world to watch Whales.

  • Duration – 3-6 Hours (It depends on Whether conditions)
  • Availability - Normally its from Nov-March (But it can be changed on Whether conditions please contact our reception to verify)
  • Pax - minimum 2 persons max 6 person per boat

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