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About Us

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Introducing ‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ story and the experience that differentiate our destinations

‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ is regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in Sri Lanka. The aim is to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. Building the success and catering the guests with the pleasure of ‘Stay with us and feel like home’ made a new phase of growth and development for the hotel.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision unifies us towards a common goal – “Building the success and catering the guests with the pleasure of ‘Stay with us and feel like home’ “.

Our Mission is all divisions endorse these essential personality traits of the Blue Whale brand, namely bringing pleasure, indulgence allowed and cultivating authenticity.

We aim to make of the ordinary something extraordinary. Because it is the special little treats that are the spices of life. We invite people to enjoy just such special moments with us: Stay with us and feel like home, on the move or on holidays.

We want to spring surprises with unique taste experiences, show attentiveness with charming gestures and whet the appetite for new sensations with exquisite gourmet food. Bringing more to life is our passion.


The Story Of Our Brand

We are far from another luxury hotel and considered to be the leader in imaginative and exhilarating experience pushing the boundaries of what you expect when you visit.

With our Hallmark at our core, the thoughtful and generous service you will experience at ‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ celebrates the unique character of every guest through every place we operate in. And, when you have created Sri Lanka’s most luxurious hotel in Kalpitiya and you simply think about things that others do not. This is what makes us just that little more unique.

Within our DNA are the highest standards of truly Sri Lankan hospitality, the tradition of welcoming guests like no other. We have used this to create the standards of service that have made Sri Lanka exceptional in what it offers to visitors all over the world.

If you are experiencing our remarkable service, you can be sure that your experience will be different – imaginative and exhilarating, culturally connected, thoughtful and generous.  

Our Brand Pillars

Imaginative & Exhilarating Experiences, Culturally Connected Environments and Thoughtful & Generous Services

Imaginative and Exhilarating Experiences

It is our aim to create unforgettable moments, whether it is a once in a lifetime occasion or just an unexpected little detail. To us, every visit is an opportunity to inspire and excite.

Culturally Connected Environments

There is so much to explore in Sri Lanka, be it art or architecture, food or music. So we have embraced the culture where we are based, bringing the religion’s richness , heritage and styles into our hotel. 

Thoughtful and Generous Services

ourteous. Considerate. Special. Surprising. Our team is made up of different personalities, all with one shared goal: to make your ‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ experience wonderfully different.  

Our Culture

Our Hallmarks are the core of our service philosophy along with our promise of ‘Stay with us and feel like home’.

We will always smile and greet our guests before they greet us.

We will treat all colleagues with respect and dignity.

Our first response to a guest request will never be no.

Our Brand Promise

Everyone should be treated as an individual, and at Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ we believe in creating unique individual experiences.   

We deliver Imaginative and Exhilarating experience in Culturally Connected environments offering Thoughtful and Generous service.

These three Brand Pillars help bring our brand promise to life. They challenge us to provide experience that support our guests’ individual desires and aspirations.


Imaginative and Exhilarating Experiences

* Beach Front Luxury Rooms & Cabanas
* International & Traditional Restaurant
* Indoor & Outdoor Bars
* Adults & Kids Pool
* Spa & Yoga
* Fitness Area
* Kids Playground
* Tennis & Table Tennis
* Billiard Table
* Candle Dinner
* Music & DJ Events

Culturally Connected Environments

* kite Surfing
* Dolphin & Whale Watching
* Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
* Jet-Ski & Water Sports
* Kayaking
* Fishing & Boat Tours
* Beach Volley Ball & Football
* Nature & National Park Safari

Thoughtful and Generous Services

* Concierge Service
* Tourist Information Desk
* Shuttle & Airport Taxi Service
* Housekeeping
* Laundry Services
* Daily Newspaper