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26 Oct

About Us


Introducing ‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ story and the experience that differentiate our destinations.

‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ is regarded as among the most luxurious and innovative in Sri Lanka. The aim is to become a hospitality industry leader through establishing a world class portfolio of luxury hotels and resorts. Building the success and catering the guests with the pleasure of ‘Stay with us and feel like home’ made a new phase of growth and development for the hotel.



We are far from another luxury hotel and considered to be the leader in imaginative and exhilarating experience pushing the boundaries of what you expect when you visit.

With our Hallmark at our core, the thoughtful and generous service you will experience at ‘Blue Whale Boutique Beach Resort’ celebrates the unique character of every guest through every place we operate in. And, when you have created Sri Lanka’s most luxurious hotel in Kalpitiya and you simply think about things that others do not. This is what makes us just that little more unique.

Within our DNA are the highest standards of truly Sri Lankan hospitality, the tradition of welcoming guests like no other. We have used this to create the standards of service that have made Sri Lanka exceptional in what it offers to visitors all over the world.

If you are experiencing our remarkable service, you can be sure that your experience will be different – imaginative and exhilarating, culturally connected, thoughtful and generous.